vineri, 20 ianuarie 2012

USA love

I know,there’s no way I could fly To Tennesse
This American state was ur biggest fantasy
I wish I could be there,but im just not
I know u love me,but something is not right.

Im here starring at New York city
It looks so big from Statue of liberty
Do you remember,last year we stood here togheter
Happy ever after,but not forever.

‘Hello honey,im here in US,I hope u understand
Im in L.A.,having dinner with Rhett,Tom and Sam.
OK,I have to go,but baby I love you
I know u are upset,but u love me too.’

Just a second baby,how foul u think I am
You are liying to me,but im doing the same
You are in Paris honey,that mean ur in France
You can tell me the truth,cuz I know ur not with friends.

How do I Know that,I have to prove it right
all night long I was playing poker with Sam.
Early in the morning.Bruno was leaving my bed.
And right now my baby im cuddling with Rhett

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