luni, 9 ianuarie 2012

British romance

Hey jerry why are you running away
Come back my dear you know that’s not the way
Jerry oh my gold theres so many words untold
Dont leave me here don’t go
I remember today how used to be every yesterday
I  was spelling out your name from the opened door
I loved to watch you riding that horse while you were returning home
Jerry where is all the river that you loved to adore
Where is that spring time rain that you adored to feel
Falling on that grass ,the grass of home
Big Ben now doesn’t look that big
I remember: you were up there and screaming :people look at me
Across England  hills
Jerry you love that land and you love me
 no you cant you can not leave
and I love you Jerry in the sun,in the rain
in the joy and in the pain
I remember your US car
Simply flying on London roads
You were always my Jerry
And I know you still are.

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  1. Foarte frumoasa sa inteleg am dat pe traducere. Sa ai o seara frumoasa si linistita.