sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012

What a life!

I will travel all around the world
and treat every city,
like it was covered by gold.
Ad I will grow taller than I'm
suppose to be,
just to touch the head of Statue of Liberty.
I'm going to smile to every president I meet
because my mother taught me:
That's the key!
'Mr Obama how do you do?
I've traveled the whole globe 
just to see you.'
'RIP Mr Kennedy
USA will hold you always
in their memory.'
I hear president whispering in my ear:
'you're the queen in New York.'
And I will walk and run and never stop...
cry and smile and won't give up!
and the reward for my hard work
will be Obama's words:
'You,my dear,you own New York'!

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